Bluegrass Jam Along

Jake Eddy Interview

August 19, 2021 Episode 86
Bluegrass Jam Along
Jake Eddy Interview
Show Notes

This week we've got something new on the podcast - an interview. This is the first of many and my guest today is Jake Eddy.

Jake's the guitarist with The Becky Buller Band and also has a great new record of fiddle tunes, featuring top pickers including Kenny Smith and Bryan Sutton.

We chat about Jake's intro to bluegrass, his experiences teaching, why you should practice with a metronome and how he acquired his '51 lots more.

If you want to find out more about Jake, or get lessons from him, you can check out his Instagram and Facebook. You can also find tour dates on Becky Buller's website.

Jake endorses BlueChip Picks (which I use and love too!) and D'Addario strings.

Hope you enjoy the chat as much as I did!

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